Haircut and beard trim – 45 GEL

Royal Shave

Face shave with hot towels and straight razor – 45 GEL


Any desired hairstyle – 35 GEL

Beard Trim

Beard and mustache trim – 15 GEL

Nail Care

Manicure and pedicure – 20 GEL/40 GEL

Express Facial

Fast but gentle cleaning procedure –Special Price – 25 GEL


Partizan is not only a barber shop, its a getaway for the community of men, who work on their appearance. It was long lost, but now we found it, and we want to give that heritage to the people who know its worth. It is overgrown with weeds and it’s damaged, but that doesn’t matter, because the idea of it never dies.



Gentle sense of beauty helps Arsen to see perfection in the details. Plus, he has the special super-power of transferring this unique skill in everything he does. He is not an ordinary barber; you can notice it by the way he works. For him, it’s more like creating a sculpture. And as every creator, he is happy when the result is more than just satisfying.


Quite Anna may leave the impression of a very strict person, but once you sit in her barber chair, you see how the appearance of Snow Queen melts. Having both classic and modern school background, along with 10 years of experience and passion for barbering let Anna develop her significant handwriting. She always knows what her clients need, no wonder she has lots of them.


Karen is hiding rebellious soul inside his calm appearance. He has strong position on every critical aspect. Moreover, he has very strict attitude towards work. Karen is the one who always knows what to do and what’s more important, how to achieve the perfect result. As you can guess, clients are always happy with him.


Charming Alisa is the heart of the team. Even her sparkling laugh can cheer you up immediately, but what’s more important is her work. Clean, organized, responsible, she is simply the most pleasant person you can trust the beauty of your nails.


Superb place! Very classy, excellent sercvice and personnel, stylish interior, and good music adding to the comfortable ambience.

Shorena Kln

Exceptional service and attention to detail. Great staff and environment too.

Eifion Kaine

Looks like a very stylish salon! Great job team!!

Dalyte VM



TEL: 595 82 17 17


Address: G. Akhvlediani Street #17, Tbilisi, Georgia